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  • HitTrax Baseball Simulator

    HitTrax, a global leader in data capture and simulation of advanced baseball/softball metrics, will embed expert instruction from Pelotero directly into its widely used platform. But what if you want to buy a batting cage with the HitTrax system? If so, you can buy the technology, along with the membership and batting cage, for an […]

  • HitTrax Hit Beyond the Cage

    The HitTrax is a training simulator that captures real time data, while displaying live hits in parks all over the world. The HitTrax device is the most innovative tool on the baseball market today, and will give your son or daughter advanced training before we couldn’t imagine. In their first hitting league, K-Zone played host […]

  • MIDI File Prices and Discounts Hit Trax

    Continue reading to take a deep dive into this baseball batting and pitching simulator to know the answers to these questions . HitTrax provides real-time stats and key performance metrics,along with powerful video analysis, trend reports and more. With real time data we will baseball bat weight ring be able to capture and process more […]