The Best Breakfast and Brunch Spots in San Juan, Puerto Rico

In Calle Orbeta is one of the most well-known restaurants in San Juan. San Juan Smokehouse is a tasty barbeque restaurant specializing in smoked meats and casual dining. This restaurant is relaxed and features a blues-inspired atmosphere. You can’t go wrong with their mofongo, beef stew, or shredded beef topped plantains. If you enjoy a cocktail or glass of wine with your meal, you won’t be disappointed in their selection.

Operating since 2011, this eatery is one of the San Juan lunch spots that deserve a visit for its delicious Puerto Rican dishes and waffles as add-ons served in a laid-back setting. This eatery with outdoor seating is one of the good brunch restaurants 50mm lens street photography in San Juan, serving delightful Puerto Rican fare and other classics in a colorful space. With the wide selection of exquisite dishes that have the sweet treat as the main ingredient, you’ll feel like you’re in chocolate nirvana here, really.

This is not to be missed for a glimpse at what agroecological farmers are growing, as well as ready-made foods for a walking breakfast while seeing the sights. My new favorite is their pizza with goat cheese with dates. If you need your brunch fix any other day, look no further than Mrs. Potts. Grab some freshly baked goods from their market before your way out.

Lote 23 is a food-truck-like experience with a variety of food stall vendors offering different cuisines. You can order all sorts of dishes that explode with flavor. Their sandwiches are described as a revolution, and you can also order traditional Puerto Rican dishes, seafood, fish tacos, steak, pastries, or cocktails. Courtesy Condado Ocean ClubLast but not least, well worth the one-hour drive up into the hills of of Cayey south of San Juan, Bohemia Cocina en Movimiento is one of the coolest eating experiences anywhere in the Caribbean.

Today, he sells potted plants alongside roughly 1,000 pounds of pork every Friday to Sunday. We started Travellers Worldwide to share our own travel experiences, but realized good travel guides are hard to find. So we decided to make comprehensive travel guides to show you where to go and where to stay and what to do when you get there. So, you may leave Sofia’s with leftovers for a midnight snack.

Situated at Condado Vanderbilt Hotel, this restaurant is where you can have the best brunch in San Juan for its exquisite global plates served on Sundays plus other menu alternatives. With the cheese, crispy potatoes and roasted herb tomato, the sandwich is a culinary treat. The traditional bread is oozing with delicious taste, with the egg and bacon blending perfectly on it. Dine like modern-day royals in this place, with its gorgeous wooden walls and rounded arches that will make you feel like you’re in a palace. The Belgian treat gets its even richer flavors from the chicken and smoked gouda cheese on top. In operation since 2011, this cafe is a gastronomic find in the area for its incredible locally inspired omelets, croissants and other classics served in a modern space.

A favorite with locals and tourists alike, you can’t go wrong with grabbing brunch at this restaurant, located in Old San Juan. From Argentina’s asado or grilled meat to Spain’s paella, a rice dish, and more, you’re in for a beautiful trip across continents with those brunches well-spent here, trust me. With the generous food portions paired with unlimited mimosas that will make you feel like you’re having a bottomless brunch, expect your bonding moment to be a resounding success. The eatery is one of the cute brunch spots in San Juan, with its colorful interior that stands out once you arrive. The eatery is the perfect place to meet up with friends, with its laid-back feel that makes it a go-to spot. The eatery pays beautiful homage to the dessert staple with its gorgeous murals of cocoa beans plus chocolate bars and drinks all around.