The Complete Puerto Rico Packing List: What to Bring and Wear in Any Season

You may not be able to purchase and pack all of these items, and some may not be relevant to you and your travel plans. Talk to your doctor about which items are most important for you. Handbag Packing Masterclass – Learn to pack your lightest bag ever in this revolutionary packing class run by HPL founder, Brooke. Tennis shoes– For some activities, you’ll need closed toe shoes, but I packed mine to go running.

Mosquito repellent or mosquito repelling wristbands – With so many stunning waters in Puerto Rico, you are bound to get mosquitos. Mosquitoes can carry diseases, so be sure you have repellent or invest in some repellent bands. The most effective repellent is by Repel or you can go deet-free. Some of the most spectacular scenery you will see in Puerto Rico will be under the water.

Pack a fan, either a foldable option you can easily fit in your bag, or a natural fiber, handmade version. Average temperatures hover between 75 and 85 degrees, year-round, and “you never know when heat will strike,” says Lulu Santaliz, a manager at Cool Hope Creamery in Lote 23, a gastronomic park. About the size of a cell phone, this Tripole Mini handheld fan will cool you down in a snap, whether you’re touring the Unesco World Heritage sites or lounging on a beach chair. In late May, traveling to Puerto Rico just got a little easier. The U.S. territory loosened its requirements for domestic travelers, with vaccinated visitors now able to skip COVID-19 entry testing, and instead upload their vaccination card via a portal.

You can bring a light rain jacket if you’re spending time in El Yunque or hiking in the mountainous interior. You can also bring a light jacket during the winter if you get cold easily. It’s very frustrating to see tourists dragging their luggage through the steep streets of Old San Juan. If you’re planning to go to conventions, restaurants, clubs, and Puerto Rico’s museums, then your bag will look different than the bag of a beach lover. For your Puerto Rico trip, you’ll want to keep your bag as organized as possible. This amazing set of packing cubes separates and organizes your items with bags for your shoes, underwear, and clothes.

I always pack my Lifestraw water bottle no matter where I go, however, any reusable water bottle will work. The water is technically safe to drink in Puerto Rico, but I still prefer having the Lifestraw filter. Mosquito net– If you’ll go camping or stay at a parador deep in the mountains, you’ll probably need this – especially in the rainy season. ID / Passport / Documents – If you’re an American citizen, you don’t need a passport to go to Puerto Rico; just a photo ID will suffice.

For anyone on the east coast of the USA, Puerto Rico is a viable long weekend getaway. Hop a flight after work on Friday evening and be home by Monday night having spent three full days in the sunshine. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with a specific Caribbean vacation packing list, a Mexico vacation packing list, and even a ski trip packing list. Waterproof hiking sandals or shoesYou’ll likely be hiking, stepping in mud and probably through waterfalls, so your footwear needs to be prepared for this.

The more I travel it becomes less about checking destinations off a “bucket list” and more about experiencing the places I visit. Plan every trip assuming you will return and don’t feel like you need to see it all in one go just because you think that’s what everyone else is doing. In general, the drinking water in the Caribbean is safe across most islands. That said, once you decide which island you are heading to, I would still double check with your resort/accommodation to be sure.

Hopefully, your trip to Puerto Rico will allow you to be outside and enjoy nature as much as possible. Not only does this hand sanitizer smell lovely, but it also kills 99.9% of germs. Use this not only on your hands but on surfaces indoors and outdoors too. In unknown locations, you can’t always count on cleanliness factors, but this hand sanitizer easily fits in small bags and is great to have on the go.

From your passports, cellphone to cash this will be used from the moment you step off the plane. While the tap water in Puerto Rico is treated to the same standard as the rest of the US, with the recent flooding issues it’s better to be extra safe. Stressed about packing, we have the solution with packing cubes. With Puerto Rico being an activity filled location, you definitely want to bring items that will match your events. These cubes easily allow you to pack accordingly and precisely with ease. Locate items fuss free, and instead of wasting time in your suitcase, enjoy your time exploring the Island.

Make sure any important medicine is in your carry-on in case luggage is lost. Make sure your contact information is on each bag, even carry-on. The humid detroit threat management reviews air will see to it that your hair does not cooperate with your attempts at styling. Lip Balm with SPF