The Weird Reason Why Your Hair Hurts How to Stop Scalp Pain

If you often have pain on your scalp from moving your hair, make an appointment with a dermatologist. Some people describe it as the feeling of having your hair combed or brushed aggressively, like a scraping or pulling feeling. Lemon juice has anti-inflammatory effects. It relieves tenderness and pain in the scalp.

There you have it, the most common reasons your hair can feel like it’s hurting. Instead, the pain is coming from your scalp. Be careful using dry shampoo in between washes too.

When I get tired of long hair woes I have mine chopped and donated to locks of love. I never feel such scalp pains with short hair. I used to get itchy like scabs in my hair till I started using tar shampoo once a week. Soreness starts on Day 3 oily and dirty hair and won’t go away unless I wash or clean it. Dry shampoo is a band-aid fix but the soreness returns after a few hours.

Redness, itching, scales, and even sharp pain can occur. Using a wide-toothed bamboo comb to avoid unnecessary breakage and scalp irritation.

It can help to adjust your hair care routine. It is important to get rid of any chemically-enhanced shampoos or conditioners. A delicate shampoo can help reduce pain by keeping the pH levels under control and sustaining healing. If you haven’t washed your hair in a while, sebum, dirt, and other debris can build up around the hair shaft.

Even though your hair shaft doesn’t have blood cells or nerves, the roots of your hair follicles have loads of tiny nerve endings that are sensitive. As a result, your scalp is susceptible to pain, meaning that your hair can, in a way, hurt. Let us break down the mechanism behind this odd pain, and how you can try combating it. You know your hair technically can’t hurt because the strands are made of dead cells. But still, you might have experienced scalp tenderness on several occasions, especially during periods when you don’t wash your hair as much, or use a lot of products. Why and when does this happen, and what is the root cause of the problem?

They also soothe inflammation and provide nourishment due to powerful botanical extracts. If you scratch your scalp, although you’ll get an immediate sense of relief, the inflammation what hair do i use for butterfly locs gets worse. When you scratch, the body releases cytokines, chemicals that boost the inflammatory process. The bigger the inflammation, the more intense the pain in the scalp.

There can be other factors at play with greasy scalp pain, too—namely the fact that you also tend to put your hair up when it’s oily, and that can also feel uncomfortable, Bailey says. Certain hair care practices, such as wearing tight ponytails or weaves, or regularly bleaching or perming the hair, can also lead to hair loss. Some people compulsively pull out their hair. This psychological disorder is called trichotillomania.

I even had it cut real short a few times living there and still no problems. I don’t wash my hair every day but my hair isn’t greasy or oily by any means but will try washing every day and see if that helps. If you have been washing your hair every day, it may take a while for your hair to adjust to a break between washes. The oil glands are likely overstimulated, which can create a greasy feeling in your scalp. Your hair and scalp will balance itself over time.

Mediterranean cypress extract, argan, and maracuja oil are meant to tame frizz and replenish your dry, thirsty strands. “Pulling the hair back tightly can put pressure on the hair follicles themselves, leading to inflammation,” Dr. Zeichner says. “Eczema is a condition where the skin barrier is not working as well as it should be, causing cracks in the outer skin layer,” Dr. Zeichner says. This leads to a loss of hydration and an influx of inflammation, which can result in itching, discomfort or pain, he explains. Is linked to overall skin sensitivity, overusing oils may be causing the skin on your scalp and skin to break out.