What Is Caterwauling? Why Do Cats Caterwaul?

Whether it is food, water or physical attention, he wants his basic needs met and will demand loudly if you are falling short. However, the risk here is that he can learn to use the caterwaul to also manipulate, for treats for example, and you need to know the difference. Rewarding negative behavior will make it more likely, rather than stop it its tracks so resist the temptation to feed a treat every time he shrieks. Instead, ensure his daily needs are being met and spend quality time with him so you are more tuned into the real reasons behind his attention-grabbing caterwaul.

All cats are vocal and have a host of sounds to tell you exactly what they want as well as what is wrong. And their caterwaul has been designed to be the one that makes you stand up and take notice. In some cases, caterwauling occurs simply because your cat wants your attention. If you frequently natural gout remedies dr axe react to caterwauling with food or treats, then your cat has learned to make this sound whenever she wants an edible reward. Cats need regular stimulation and exercise, so to prevent caterwauling out of boredom, play with your cat to make sure she’s good and tired before bedtime.

Unlike the cute meow or the contented purr, the shrill wail of a caterwaul can sound like your precious pet is in pain. A mix between a whine and an all-out yowl is the basic caterwauling definition – and it is a cat sound that demands attention. Your cat has a host of sounds and ‘voices’ at its disposal and caterwauling is its most melodramatic.

To soothe an agitated puss, close the curtains or blinds, or let them outside on a cat leash to be reassured it is still their patch. An injured cat will tell you that all is not well, but other, less visible traumas or painful medical conditions can also cause them to protest rather loudly. There are also some diseases that are known to cause a cat to vocalize excessively, including an overactive thyroid and kidney problems. If your furball suddenly starts to caterwaul and there are no visible signs of injury and they have been neutered, then a check-up visit to the vet is a good idea. If you can’t find any immediate reasons that your cat is caterwauling, then it may be due to pain or injury. Caterwauling is also a symptom of certain health conditions like kidney disease and overactive thyroid.

The word caterwaul can be a verb, a noun or an adjective, depending on how it’s used. While a caterwaul can be made by a person, it’s more likely the wailing sound that a distressed or fighting animal makes. To make this sound is to caterwaul — it’s both a noun and verb. As long ago as the mid-1300s, English speakers were using caterwaul for the act of voicing feline passions. The cater part is, of course, connected to the cat, but scholars disagree about whether it traces to Middle Dutch cāter, meaning “tomcat,” or if it is really just cat with an “-er” added.

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