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They have to be quick witted, clever, creative, imaginative, and sometimes willing to push the limits on what is appropriate. It sounds like we have similar tastes when it comes to reading. Hey Chris, do you know you’re ‘shot in the head…’ link goes to a pink shopping site? Anyhoo, hope to send you something funnier that. I agree – using humour to break down barriers is a good idea.


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We’re happy to pour in from the resources we have to make it happen if you pitch something hot, so get creative with it. We publish comedy think pieces, satire, relevant essays, and so much more! Be sure to look at our articles to get a good idea of what we pick up. Even pro writers get rejected or never hear back from an editor. The more pitches you send out, the more likely you are to land an assignment. Only a few magazines in the U.S. have been around longer than the Saturday Evening Post, which was first published in 1897.

Accepted submissions can earn anywhere from $150 to $200. To become a comedy writer, usually a degree in the arts is suggested; some writing experience can be substituted for degrees and vice versa (depending on what position you’re applying for). In this montage scene, a Muslim investigator looks into Larry’s past to see if he deserves a fatwa.

Fiverr is unique because it’s not a job board. It’s a gig economy where you create a profile, post the services you want to offer, and wait for buyers to pay you for them. Funds for Writers is a site for writers that offers tips on the business end of things like how to become a writer and make money. Their sense of humor is whacky and fun and they welcome satire and comedy submissions from, as they put it, “complete strangers such as yourselves”. Cracked has been around for some time but discontinued in print in 2007.

It’s no secret that being a freelance writer can have its ups and downs. Ever had one of those days where you just had to laugh it off, and move on? Making money writing isn’t always easy, but it’s possible when you learn the business and craft of freelancing and work hard. Have a funny story to tell, humorous essay about country life, or jokes about country living? Check the editorial calendar for topics and themes in upcoming issues, and pitch Copy Chief Deb Mulvey.

Agents are a great example of a catch-22 situation. The big agents won’t touch unknowns, but beginners can’t become known without an agent. There are many exceptions, however, and your job is to find them. Playwright Abe Burrows said he thought of his agent as family. When Burrows paid his agent 10 percent, he didn’t think of it as a commission, but as sending money home to mother. Comedy is a lot like professional sports.

As Seinfeld suggests, comedy writing is a very secretive thing. One reason why is because most comedy writers feel like their material has to be perfect before it’s presented. And if you’re looking for more money-making gigs, check out our guide to entry-level freelance writing jobs. “We engage our audience through intelligent writing, insight, humour and spot-on service journalism,” the magazine’s editorial team told us when we originally published this list.

If you found the information in this post useful, you might like my book ‘How to Write a Short Story, Get Published & Make Money’. Despite the scythe, the rotting cloak and the distinct lack of flesh coating his crumbling bones, Death was a sensitive individual. Most people found the experience of dying traumatic enough, without him being disagreeable.

As a result, much of their art was intentionally amusing. Finding your writing soul mate isn’t easy. You have to look around, see how you get on and hope that it works. Humor isn’t about being mean-spirited; it’s about using wit and creativity as a way to make your point in an interesting way.