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Your content should be a well-composed, digital marketing-conscious piece. We know you want people to read what you write, and so do we, so make your article accessible and easy to understand in order to make that happen. Simply introduce yourself, provide us with your previously published articles and the list your future post titles/ideas. We would prefer uniquely and clearly written text, with 1500+ words where you provide the reader with actionable advice, backed up with real-world data/examples. We’ll shoot you an email to let you know whether or not your guest blog post has been accepted for VOCSO. Please check the following articles to see what kind of posts we published in the past.

And while your piece may have been well written, there are some submissions that just aren’t what we’re looking for. But you have to follow the approval process every time you connect with us for a guest post article contribution to VOCSO. Make sure you understand the site’s tone and audience before pitching a post.

Notice the actionable tips and illustrative screenshots they used. Joydeep Bhattacharya is a digital marketing evangelist who has over 11 years of experience in online marketing. He helps businesses improve their revenue online. He is a regular contributor to SEMrush, Ahrefs, Search Engine Watch, Hubspot, Smart Insights, and several other publications. Please check the following articles to see what kind of posts we have published in the past. Also, notice the actionable tips and sample screenshots we have used.

If you want to publish anything quickly, Logicsofts UK includes a “Sponsored Guest Post” option. A sponsored story, unlike a standard guest post, is published within 1-2 business days. It must, however, adhere to our guest post requirements and be approved by our editors. If we found your topic relevant and fit to our guest posting instructions, it will be send for review to our editors. “Write For Us” is all set to grant people command over their voice and thoughts.

In case you do not get any attention after 15 business days, you must look for another site. Accepted topics include SEO, PPC, Digital Marketing, Marketing, Business, and Social Media Marketing. Make sure that you back up your claims with the best possible relevant links to valuable resources. Digital marketing specialists – Digital marketers working in enterprises or small businesses. Agency – CEOs and founders of digital marketing agencies.


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We appreciate if you tell stories and give the examples you recommend following or not following to using a conversational, but professional style. Please try to keep sentences short and make it readable and fascinating. A post should not be published somewhere else. A well-written blog can be a powerful marketing tool, helping you promote your business or brand. Make sure to use H2 and H3 title tags properly capitalized in order to format your blog posts correctly.