Writing History: An Introductory Guide to How History Is Produced AHA

Recently, many people have started to use this phrase to mean raises, invites, or brings up the question. (“Stalin’s purges beg the question of whether he was paranoid.”) Actually, begging the question is the common logical fallacy of assuming your conclusion as part of your argument. (“In the late nineteenth century, many Americans moved to the cities because of urbanization.”) Note that the use of abstractions (e.g., urbanization) encourages begging the question. Understanding this fallacy is central to your education. The formal Latin term, petitio principii, is too fancy to catch on, so you need to preserve the simple English phrase. When you’re tempted to use this word, resist.

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Your main historical actors are this, it, they, the people, and society, and they are all involved with factors, aspects, impacts, and issues. You just pasted in another 100 words of quotations. You haven’t mentioned any facts or cited any sources for several paragraphs. Keep in mind all of the dos and don’ts in this booklet. The second sentence says that some colonists did not want to break with Britain .


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Forget Bartlett’s, unless you’re confirming the wording of a quotation that came to you spontaneously and relates to your paper. The editors reserve the right to request and make revisions before publication. In order for us to assess your performance as a potential writer we will request a draft that is interesting and different from the topics that have already been published on our publication. The draft needs to follow all the rules presented in the Editorial Guidelines as well as the format presented in our publication. Early American Life is a print magazine that want history articles about life in early America, from America’s discovery to the mid-1800s.

We see this as a dynamic platform for scholars to meet in conversation, share scholarship, and develop new perspectives on the field. Renaissance Magazine is a print magazine that publishes history articles covering the Renaissance and Middle Ages. A feature article need at least 6 images to be published with the article. Listverse publishes Top 10 listicles that cover the bizarre, entertainment, lifestyle, science, society, and more.

Remember that although is not a synonym for the word however, so you cannot solve the problem in the sentence by putting a period after Europe. A clause beginning with although cannot stand alone as a sentence. To solve the problem, separate the two clauses with a comma and the coordinating conjunction but. You could also divide the clauses with a semicolon or make separate sentences. Remember that there are only seven coordinating conjunctions .