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He wants someone who has never seen any color or witnessed any crime. The protagonist also longs for the gentle touch of the lover so that the feeling becomes real. It’s about the protagonist can protect herself through the ups and downs in her life.

Whether it’s Waylon, Willie and legends of the past, or superstars in the making like Zach Bryan, our finger is always on the pulse of true country music. From Texas to Tennessee, Appalachia to Bakersfield, Whiskey Riff is THE unapologetic voice of the country music fan. It was one of the year’s best albums and really showed the range of Carll’s sound. So, when “To Keep from Being Found” showed up in the season finale, it had to go on this list. This song is rock-infused Texas country at its finest and it fits perfectly with that surprising bunkhouse brawl. Like the first three seasons, season 4 of Yellowstone was loaded with great country music.

Geeking out on her favorite music artists is her guilty pleasure. The all-new season is underway, and it finds John Dutton taking consult beaute elimi fat his spot as governor of Montana. The show has upped its musical game with the addition of Lainey Wilson to the cast.

It became highly popular in 2016 and has been used in many other movies, such as Hell or High Water. According to the singer and actor of the show, the setting of the song called for slightly dangerous lyrics. There is always a sense of the fear, especially when there are prying eyes around waiting for an opportunity to kill the protagonist. The lyricist and the singer concentrates on the evils or curses that may cover her for a long time but if she walks in the paths of righteousness, those curses will go away sooner or later. It is how she protects herself from the evil things that come her way that would determine how she can lead her life in the future. The self-transformation will be for her own good so that she can lead a hassle-free life.

You can find the full Spotify playlist at the end of this guide. Scroll down for a full list of the artists and songs featured in each episode of Season 4 on Yellowstone . The ballad from the country legend’s superstar-making 1975 album Red Headed Stranger is part of a series of songs described by writer Chet Flippo upon their release this way. The ending song on “Yellowstone” season 4 episode 3 was “Caravan of Fools” from John Prine’s “The Tree of Forgiveness” album. You can watch a video of the song here or in the embedded video above. Some featured soundtracks from the fourth season are the American musician and nominated Grammy awardee song of the year Hailey Whitters.

It’s about a man who loves his present lifestyle but also thinks about his motherland, his home. He misses the company that he had at his home and wishes that he could get one chance to go back. The much anticipated Season 4 of Yellowstone is finally out, and it did not disappoint! The show is back with all of the stunning landscapes and intriguing characters that we have come to love. This season, there are some new faces joining the cast, as well as some old favorites. While there are undoubtedly many standout moments in the show, here are 11 songs that perfectly capture the spirit of Yellowstone Season 4.

When they closed episode three with “Caravan of Fools” it was like seeing two of our favorite things come together to create a beautiful and somber moment after a big episode full of tension. It doesn’t seem like this season should be over just yet, but it is. Now, we’re left to wonder where the Duttons will go from here. In the meantime, let’s dive into the music of this season of Yellowstone one more time.